I bought WWII because I thought it was about WWII....

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 if you don't want an opinion don't waste space with yours crybaby. 

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Are you on some form of medication or are you just seriously that stupid because you're failing to realize how things really work, insulting people like a 5 year old isn't going to get you anywhere here and being a crybaby about wanting a refund isn't a solid case either.


Only refund you're getting is any form of help from people here since you're acting like a little *****

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@SandBoxIsBolox wrote:

Why do so many of you knobs think I want your input??!!!

For the same reason we want to know why knobs like you think we want yours.

Please stop expressing your opinion. It's worthless to me and you are wasting your time.

We would like to ask the same from you.  Knob...

I bought a product.. it has changed and I won't get over it. 

Don't worry, once you hit 4th grade you'll be fine.      

I want a REFUND!

Be sure and stomp you feet when you say that so as to complete the childish tantrum you're throwing.  Now drink your juice...it's time for a nap.


And I give zero f**ks about what you enjoy or what you don't you gimp so stop trying to be interesting and leaving pointless little posts which mean jack sh*t to anyone apart from your own KeyBoard Warrior Creed.

I have to say I'm enjoying watching you implode.  It's been a while since we had one here.  Thanks for playing...

You d**k.
Right back atcha Ace!

Now, just go ahead and throw your controller at you TV and relieve us of your presence. 




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This game needed to exploit the memory of the World at War. How does a franchise sell a game that is completely uninspired, subpar in every aspect, and has a worse online performance than indie games? They need to associate this abomination with one of their best selling titles ever. It covers up the current devs lack of skill and imagination. The added content from microtransactions is reflection of this. 


They also needed to water down the WWII content to make it palatable for modern ultra sensitive SJWs. If Activision’s interruptations seem to underscore the conflict, it’s because they didn’t want to upset all SJW slacktivists, that they were trying to sell the game to. 

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So you smoked the proverbial cigar to the band, and you want your money back because you didn't like how the flavor profile changed.  I honestly wish you the best of luck.

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I hear where you're coming from but it's August (9 months in) and the content you're complaining about was free. Don't think the refund is going to go over well.

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