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The last patch fixed all of the major (I said major as I know there are still issues) problems regarding connections in general, party connections, HQ and the exploits and glitched out functions that weren't working properly.


My MM and personal connections have improved greatly since they restored the dedicated servers. I was getting 1 or more host migrations/Listen server errors/or random server disconnect per game prior. I really feel like the game is close to being as good as it's going to get. I'd be lying if I said I was completely satisfied, but I'm having fun playing and most of my games are relatively lag free. 


My major concern at the moment is HC game modes and the lack of MP maps. I'm on the XB1 so I won't see new maps for another two or three months. I also think SHGs took the cheap route in only giving 4 HC modes and not taking care to build in the FF fixes that Treyarch has implemented in BO2/BO3 to reduce trolling. This is the result of an inexperienced studio, but they've received a lot of feedback and comments and I'm hoping that they take action in the coming weeks.


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Dude i am 28 and my first online COD was COD4mw and yeaaaaaaa. To me the COD games werent bad i wasnt bored but the online connection in the past 4-5 COD games has been bad not horrible. I say this because it is not that i am lagging, rubberbanding or stuttering but it is the inconsistency in the gun fights that leaves scratching your head leaving you thinking if this was by design by the developers, a coding issue or that their servers need to be replaced. There are the know it all experts AKA the trolls in here who barely play the game but know for a FACT  that it is my connection and not the game, but other FPS, sport games dont give me these problems and the problems that they give me it is known by the game's developers and they fix it. But with COD it is always our fault and on our end and it is ridiculous. WW2 is not bad but the inconsistency it is too much well it kinda toned down since the 11/29 patch but it is still not enjoyable because it went back to how IW and MWR was which in one match connection was good the next match it wasnt and it was a cycle. So to be honest ima see what treyarch brings to the table and if not then thats it for me with COD but i wont be buying IW and Sledgehammer COD games. 


Now Rainbow six siege is a really good game and i am kinda mad at myself because i didnt pick it up because of the connection issues they had with the beta and i was nope i am going through with COD not again with another game, but so far i love RSS and craziest thing about it is that when you play online it has no aim assist. 

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Yeah im with yah , as long as it has sledgehammer games name on it i pass !

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I’m loving this game. I swore off them since blops until they where cheap, but this one I pre ordered . Zero regrets,”. Great game. 

No bull***** double jumping, no wall running and no *****gy lasers.


looks like you where looking for sympathy and conformation byas from others and found it.


now you’ve cried and and said your leaving, I have to ask why you feel the need to make a “I hate your game so am quitting” thread? 

looking for sympathy much?


snowflakes have no age limit it seems. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. And you can keep your stuff

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Some people like to announce their arrival and their departure. Nothing wrong with it in my eyes.

100% with you on it being a great game but what these people are saying is valid non the less. The consistency does need lookin into. The connection just bombs out sometime in the middle of the game. I know it can be expected when peer to peer is involved but never felt this bad last week before the patch.

Though then all the menu browsing was blacked out when partied up. So I'll take having to slow down when the connection bottoms out to watching a blank menu or black screen in between games until they solve it all. This site has always been for people to come release their frustrations and most of the threads always follow the same pattern. Every year since the beginning has had threads with people saying they are leaving, suing Activision, never buying a cod again and this is the worst cod ever. With such a large fan base there simply is no pleasing everyone and the angry ones come here. While the happy ones keep playing the game.

Lol @ the snowflakes have no age limit!
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Feeling exactly the same way about Cod. To many flops since BO2. 

 May have found a new love like you did. RB6 Siege is the most intensifying unique shooter I've ever seen. Just picked it up a few days ago. And I'm Hooked. Haven't been this excited for a game in a very long time. BTW I'm an old head myself (42). #GamerForLife

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