I redeemd my core successful%2C but no beta code

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Heya, I redeemd my code on the site i think a week ago. And now I have seen that you supposedly get a email with the beta key you can redeem in the ps4 store.

But i didn't get any. Anyone have tips for me

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I found a solution, earlier, through an Activision support post. It is suggested to go back to the callofduty.com/redeem page and enter your code again. Assuming your beta code was added to your account, the page will say that code was already added to your account and it will show the code you have to redeem through the digital store of your platform.


I just perform that action, was able to see my PSN code and I'm currently d/loading the beta at this moment. BTW: The PS4 size is 27.5 gigs. ( edit: closer to 38 gigs )


I hope this works for you.



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