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Dear Activision


First of all, the maps are so small as it is which makes you rush in the first place whilst playing Search and Destroy (S&D). Then also having the timer shortened, and we are not talking about 5 or 10 seconds but 1 whole minute! The whole purpose of S&D so you can choose your style of play. Whether that is rushing, tactical or camping in the spawn. However with the timer only being 1:30 minute per round, you are forcing players to rush without any other option.


I am honestly surprised somebody actually made the decision to shorten the rounds in S&D. The person in responsible needs to be checked and if he is even capable of making decisions like this in the future.


In short, increase the time per round on S&D to 2:30 or 3:00 minute. Increased time = More ways to play. 


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I am in complete agreement with you man. I really don't see the need for such short rounds. There's so little time, and the maps are quite small, that it doesn't allow for the slightest bit of strategy. It's slowly starting to feel more and more like TDM. You see games like CSGO with first to 16 wins and 2 minute rounds, and they are much more strategic and as a result, more enjoyable. I would really love to see this updated, but something tells me that they might not update it due to the small map sizes.

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