Is there an option/forum or is there anyone that can help me achieve Bloodthirstys for snipers?

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I tried war, camping in domination, hardcore, everything! I can’t seem to get it done Smiley Sad If there is anyone who is fairly good at sniping or atleast good at streaking up sniping, message me please! Reward is there is needed, I just want to be able to show off my diamond camo Smiley Sad

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Just do it in War, the bridge on breakout.

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If you shoot like you construct headings you might as well quit now.

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Haha mate it asked me what the problem was, didn’t now it would become a heading
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Gustav Dom.

Aachen covering middle. Don't go into tram only. Lay down beside them etc.

Not great at sniping but try different spots.




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