It's time for truly next-gen weather

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I had been asking for this over 7 years ago. It needs to happen.
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How about proper snow, snow fall, snow foot prints, and snow levels that cover up boots so that boot actually sink into the snow.

A lot of favorite maps are snow filled.

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@RAN Kismet wrote:

CODWW2 will be the 5th COD on next-gen... which means next-gen has been out so long that it's just current gen. But since we made the switch to next-gen, what truly new things have we seen?


Very little.


This game has a chance to change that.


Weather in WW2 was a huge factor in how the war was conducted. Bad weather delayed D-Day more than once. The battle of the Bulge? There was a little incliment weather. Monsoons in the Pacific.Stifiling heat in Africa. It mattered.


Make weather a factor in MP. Have it change during the game. A random rain shower. Early morning fog that clears away. A clear, moonlit sky that slowly fills with clouds. Dusk that gives way to moonless sky. You get the idea.


Just my thought for what could make the MP experience a little more immersive.

Weather, climate factors and environmental changes throughout the matches would be a really appealing idea to me. I think someone mentioned ice in one of the comments but imagine if you on a hill when the weather changes to snow you can than knee slide all the way down a hill gaining momentum or puddles of rain where you could temporarily blind an opponent by sliding it in it. Certain water areas turn to ice that can be walked on during winter changes and swam in other times. There is so many opportunities to add in stuff like this but I am guessing their gaming engine is probably just copied over from previous BOTG games and they just reskin everything and play with the settings. Unfortunately this won't be a new game, just a reworked old game with new maps and altered weapons. 

Probably why in the reveal they didn't offer any new teasers accept headquarters which has nothing to do with the actual game play. 

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