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Kick this player! He ruins the game. Report him doesnt have anny effect! Everyone complains about it. He wins every game with a hack !!! We pay a lot of money for WW2 and you get this! Make sure the game stays clean, free of hackers.



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The picture didn't load for me. What hack is he using?

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is he on ps4?

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Some people will have a win streak, I played the other day & was first 5 - 6 games in a row, this is not a rare occurance for me either & I have only been properly playing really since this release, doesnt automatially mean cheat/mod! You cant ban people without proof my good man, but I feel your pain about the report function, there are 3 obstencible options but they all feel like they are just for show?! Perhaps when the game is finally finished they may be actually functionial  Smiley Wink 


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You know they gave up on this game when moderators don't show up right after the posting telling you this is a forbidden act and name shaming isnt allowed. Please use in game report function. But anyways what is he doing looking at that score tells me its tdm, which doesnt really help a lot 

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