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"Alright, I figured this would not be taken seriously..."



.."changes your Dog killstreak to Zombies"

And this is why...


"Confusion to the Enemy"
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My ideas for what I'd like to see as far as Kill Streaks go-


1) Spy Plane- Standard UAV style Plane that can be countered by a Perk.


2) Mortar Strike- Gives the player a deployable Mortar with 3 shells. 


3) Artillery Strike- Player smokes an area, gets an Artillery Strike.


4) Gun Emplacement- Gun that can be placed, Protected with Sandbags. Can be manned by the player or anyone on the team, can be captured by the enemy.


5)  Flame Thrower- Player gets an equippable Flamethrower that lasts a set duration.


6) Strafing Run- Targeted, directional airplane machine gun strafing run


7) Bombing Run- Targeted, Directional Bombing Run


8) Ammo Crate- Can be Deployed by the player, teammates can reload their weapons and lethals.


9) Small Tank/Armored Car- Can be driven by the Player through most of the paths on the map. Has a Cannon, but a teammate can also jump on and operate a Machine Gun(any kills they get would be assist points for the player), can also run over enemies.


10) 37mm AT Gun- Can be moved around on it's wheels and used on Armor, planes, or infantry


11)  Mine Field- Small area of landmines that can be placed by the player. 

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These are great ideas!  I would really like it if the Artillary Strike would level a building or two! 


I especially like the minefield thing.  Give your guy about 6 of them and have him throw'em out like he's dealin' cards!  I can hear the screams from the anti-"hive" crowd now!  Especially in Domination...


Counter it with something like "Engineer".  Only maybe call it "Ordinance Disposal"


"Confusion to the Enemy"
Pressing the Buttons harder makes the attack stronger!
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I my perfect cod there will only be non lethal rewards.

Like a spyplane, smokescreen, ammo drop, fighter (counter spyplane) and flare.

Spyplane will have a sweep that is 4 times longer than you will be visible on minimap.

Second spyplane will cut sweep in half. More spyplane have no effect.

Smokescreen 2 options. 1 larger area or 3 smaller.

Wind will have effect on it

Ammo drop. Set amount of bullets and explosives can be resupplied. Any player can take from it. Will last until empty or destroyed.

Fighter will shoot down spyplane

Flare. Illuminate area. In that area everybody from enemy team will be spotted. On night maps both teams will have better visions in that area.


Less perfect cod with lethal rewards

Bombardment. 3 options

- Artillery but round area

- Mortar 3 small area's 

- Bomber a straight line

A strafe run

Fixed gun position


There should be more non lethal. Can't come up with more.

You may only choose one lethal


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don't want to see any premium type of score streaks at all..


Emphasis on SCORE streaks not kill streaks as these just encourage camping and slow the game down.

I also dont want many , ww2 games dont need loads of additional stuff


something simple like


spy plane,

mortar barrage

straffing run

naval barage


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I honestly want to see an incorporation of the V2 Rocket. That would be kind of cool
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@deathhf wrote:
I honestly want to see an incorporation of the V2 Rocket. That would be kind of cool



this was aimed at civilian populations 

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Even if it was aimed at "Civilians" it would be a part of history that should still be brought up.

If there is a support killstreak set, I want to see:
1) Smoke Screens
2) Flash Flares
3) Ammo Stocks
4) Aerial Bomber Support - Kind of like a emergency care package that was in MW2
5) AI Support Squads
6) Morphine Drips to revive players
7) Earn a Perk - When you get X amount of kills, you get a random perk
8) Drunk Driver - we know officers smuggled hooch over to europe, why not have a killsteak to emulate that, you basically have to drive "impaired" into enemys as roadkill (dont take this seriously)
9) Bazookas - Use this killstreak to one hit kill other killstreaks that are vehicular
10) Gas Attack - Release a deadly toxin on the other players so they cant see for 30 seconds

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Well, the V-2 COULD fit the niche of the nuke. 


Another high end streak might be the V-1 'buzzbomb'. These of course would have to be super high to even get to make sure balance is good. 


Like others have mentioned, simpler is better especially in the era CoD is going. 


P.S.: No one really mentioned if they would be interested in seaing defensive and offensive streaks like in Ghosts and MW3. Juggernaut suit could be done. Only with a shield but it's fun to use in DOM games. Just a thought....

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I actually don't mind the idea of choosing an 'attack' or 'support' role.

That could be great.   My fragile mind would love to see such things kept more simple,,, perhaps 5 streaks to choose from for either Attack / Support.

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