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Put a post up a week or so ago about how I thought WW2 was going to play like BO2. I was kind of presenting that in a negative light.

Well after playing a few days on MW Remastered, I really hope it is way more like BO2. I remember loving MW back in the day, not anymore. That is the campiest, most boring COD I expeienced playing.  I did suck back than so the maps I thought I liked I now definitely hate and I am guessing I liked them cause I probably was better at camping them and getting more overall kills.

So when WW2 drops, I am just saying, I really hope it plays closer to BO2 than MW. It is crazy how you realize there is such a difference when playing them at the same time.

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It probably will play more like BO2 than MWR.


I'm glad you are aware that the player changes just as much as the games do over the years. Some players don't see that. But just because CoD4/MWR are a slower pace and you don't like the campy aspect anymore... doesn't make it a bad game. Just not your preference.


I prefer MWR over BO2. That doen't mean I hope WWII plays like MWR. I just want WWII to be fun with a mixture of play styles. Something for the snipers, campers, gun n gunners, etc..  Maybe it will play more like Ghosts. Smiley Surprised

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