Lower Requirements for Contracts

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Please lower the requirements for contracts. I spent a bunch of armory credits buying two different contracts three time and I wasn't able to complete them. I did my best and I generally do well in matches, but I think the requirements for these contracts are too high. For example, one is get 60 kills in war and it only gives you 45 minutes to complete. Another one is get 75 kills with a silenced SMG and only gives you an hour. Kill requirements and costs should be reduced. For example, it should be get 45 kills in an hour or only costs 1000 Armoy Credits to get 75 kills in an hour. I am not a hardcore player and I don't have time to play all day and be God to complete these contracts.

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Lots of them are fairly easy to complete. Some are tougher. Just do the simpler ones.
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