Map Design - Look at older titles - Allow Multiple Playstyles.

World War II General Discussion

1) Elevation of platforms and cover

2) Multiple, branching routes

3) Multistorey buildings

4) Mixed engagement ranges per map

5) Mix of different map sizes



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One thing that has really annoyed me in previous CoD titles such IW, BO3, BO2 etc (probably all recent titles except Ghosts) is that they designed the maps in order to keep continual flow of battle which in my opinion is good when done correctly. However it rarely seems to be done well. Quite often you'll find corners, doorways and other areas that provide cover or defensive tactics barred off with plants, shopping carts, debris etc.


I've been playing MW Remastered a lot recently and I noticed how they designed the maps without thinking about camping or defensive tactics which makes the maps a joy to play. I was playing TDM and found myself actually taking the game slowly and doing really well which considering the maps have been designed for run and gun these last 3-4 COD titles, its refreshing. You actually have buildings that don't have 12 ways to get in. You have the ability to use corners, doorways etc. You also have a lot of dead ends e.g. you walk down an alleyway and find you have to go back because you've reached a dead end which obviously all maps have barriers but to actually be able to use an alleyway or a dead end to your advantage in games is refreshing. 


What I'm asking for with these maps is for Devs to go back and look at titles from COD4-MW3 etc and really look to see what made them great to play. A lot of these maps catered to a multitude of playstyles which I feel the last few games have been lacking. 



Don't put random crap in places to prevent people being able to use defensive tactics 

Allow for all playstyles from the humble sniper, to the tent pitching camper, to the headless chicken run and gun lol. 

Dominion is an example of why this is a bad idea. It is slow, it is boring and it is a massive camp fest. Corner camping is not a tactical play style, it's a cheap way to play for those that can't do well otherwise. Dominion was simply a game of hide and seek as a good example when you give people the opportunity to camp. IW has plenty of defensive positions you can take, it's just the movement system requires you to still be able to react from multiple angles of attacks making it so you can't just lay on your belly all game long while ADSing in one direction, you actually need to acquire skill to do well in the game. Your complaining about run n gun but what you really are complaining about are those that use the movement system better than you, those that actually use cover and strafing mechanics better, those that that have better reaction, aim and map awareness. 


I don't think you should be worried though, WWII will have plenty of corners for you to hide in with out the worries of being attacked from above or from the side. I have no doubts it will be a much slower game than the current one.

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Another example of great map design is Outskirts from CODWAW. It's the biggest map in the game and offers lots of different playstyles all over the map from close quarters to long range, flanking, hidden, getting from house to house, elevation, vehicles, etc. That's a great map for a large amount of players and action.
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