Master Prestige Rewards needed...

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A Supply Drop every 10 levels once you reach MP would be nice for grinding out 1000 levels. 


Rather than a raise of 100 A Creds. 


Bid deal. 

Just sayin. 

Darth Griff
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why do you need to grind to 1000 in a dead game?

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DO you honestly expect them to try and update players rewards at this late stage of the game they have spent such little time on master prestige developement , It is the worst reward system ever they want you to devote basically your life to the game with no program of incentives to do so

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new master prestiege rewards are coming in next title update.

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so when is that due out the game only has 1 more dlc to come so how are they going to reward players who master prestiged say in january and are hundreds of levels into it the system was badly designed and implemented even worse , so at the momemt your expected to progress from from prestige 10 to 1000 with no level incentives , A dlc collection restricted bribe setup that just give out low A/C dupes and less boxes per day for playing I spent about 6 hours playing and got 1 box

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Oh sure there's rewards if you spend real money but then again that is a small chance... As for your grind they don't care

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