Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 working??

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I know it's 2019 and last gen consoles and their games are becoming a thing of the past, but a lot of those games were really good. One in particular was Modern Warfare 3. I've been browsing for a fix to my problem for a while now, and I can't find anything at all that will work. 

My game freezes up any time that I try to do anything. I can't play campaign, I can't play survival or any of the missions, and if I get lucky and can get through to a multiplayer lobby, the game either freezes mid game or immediately upon the match ending. I'll then have to eject the game to reset the console, and the cycle is just rinse and repeat from there. Very rarely will it say "Disc Read Error."

My PS3 is up to date, and the game is up to date on version 1.24. 

It is not a console issue, literally everything else works flawlessly. I've tried the resetting, I've tried new accounts, but nothing seems to work. Only thing I haven't done is get a new disc. It wouldn't make sense to be the disc because my MW3 looks brand new compared to my MW2 (which has no issues)

I've seen all over where the issue was present years ago, but I never found anything saying it was ever resolved.

Is there a fix for MW3 on PS3 freezing up in 2019?? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Is the console clean, well ventilated and unobstructed? Have you cleaned the laser lens using a CD or DVD cleaning disc? 


The cleaning disc has worked on a few consoles for me. One that it did not work required a replacement lens. 

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Yeah, it's pretty clean and in a fairly ventilated area. I haven't tried a cleaning disc though. I believe there's one here somewhere. 

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