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They say it can hold up to 48 people and that is a lot of people doing a lot of different things using a lot of data. Where I live I don't have unlimited data (Rural New York) I get 30 gigs per month. I have never had problems with COD using to much data but for WWII it might not be the same trend. If it's a pregame lobby thing or you can go there for your divisions how much data (Mega Bytes) how much do you think it would use in per say 10 minutes on estimate. I'm really hoping I don't get dicked over this game because I don't have the data to play it, I dropped $100 dollars on this. Anyway any feedback is appreciated.

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The hq isnthe social hub. Don't know if you search for games through it or not

If so well get in a game as quick as possible.

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it's awful having a data cap. I have to use my phone hotspot (which is unlimited) in case we are close. The hotspot is fast and I can play online fine it's just annoying.

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Most of your activity is likely going to be upload. I imagine the download is minimal, probably just the map of the HQ. even upload is small relatively so I imagine it's not going to be much more than a game if even that but that is just a guess, I really have no idea since info is still limited,

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