Movement speeds are currently too fast!

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The speeds don't look too bad. Hurry up beta!
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@DRJD1 wrote:

@dtuchpunk wrote:

It looked fine to me. At least no stupid wall running super jumps or jet packs.

Can tel how it feels when playing yourself because well I didn't play it.

You can tell just by watching gameplay videos.

O typo. Should be can't. Didn't see it.

Can't say how it feels

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I have to agree it's like there running around at 50mph. Kind of ruins the realistic approach there going for. I know the SAS are well trained but I've never seen one outrun Usain bolt with an lmg. If it was dialled down a bit game would be much more tactical and not feel like everyone is playing it on can be fast and smooth without been so fast it feels borderline stupid. 

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