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Here are some of my thoughts and suggestions for improving this game: (See if this gets rejected again)


Map Pointe du Hoc has a really nasty camping spot at Flag A if we were playing Domination. You can basically jump up onto the middle cement wall between the trench and flag A area. Once someones in there makes its a challenge to get the camper (besides the obv grenades). Not sure if this was an intended map design and if it is then leave it.


With HQ now becoming full... I'm must say I am missing my own HQ. I find in my own HQ I experienced less delay in transition between games and after games it would load faster to character screen. I find when the game has ended in the bottom left corner you will see people joining and leaving the HQ still... this must impact your servers - which is unnecessary. Nothing is more frustrating then logging on into a full HQ and have some player with his/her mic on blasting music or flushing the toilet.. Perhaps a suggestion is to make a option in settings to allow us to either join our own HQ or join a group HQ. That way we get the best of both worlds if Orders come up that requires more people.


More HC Modes - I have a post already on this and I'm really hoping something comes out of it.. I'm a HC Kill Confirmed player and this Team Camp Match and Dom in HC is getting boring. I can play them but I dont like the mode as much as I like Kill Confirmed. If this is how its going to be odds are I'll be done with this game pretty soon.


Spawns - This one is really getting on my nervous. The spawning points are really messed up in this game. I dont feel you should spawn and be shot the moment you go into first person. I dont even know how you begin to fix because your spawning off one of your own players it seems... But something has to be looked at for this..


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Really it all comes down to it's a garbage game. That vs hit detection, it's so bad you have one of two results. (A) Jason runs around the map with his shovel, he's like screw this is the only way I can get a hit markers. Lol most are afraid to come out of there hit glitch in fear of falling pretty to the dreaded hit markers.   Simple really Activision gives us garbage. What I enjoy the most is when Bobby and little Jimmy are in a match and there in a party together how sweet. And they average 25 kills a peice and Activision can't break this 5000 point juggernaut up because there in a party together. How thaughtful

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While I kind of see what you are saying in regards to the partied-up system seeming to take precedence over "Ping is King", I have to say, that is pretty much all I can agree with you on. You actually do have some valid concerns that I wish you would have expanded on, but you went with the "this game is garbage" bit that, I would guess you said more out of frustration than anything in the else, for the sheer fact that you never got around to, B), lol. If you're going to call it garbage, at least run with it and come up with more than one single thing. Especially if you are going to say it is garbage because A). 


Out of curiosity, have you played in a party of more than just yourself and one friend? I ask because, prior to last year, I hadn't. I got dominated by a 5-man party that a friend from this site was a part of, and I just knew that the only reason they did so well was because they drew from South America, as well as here and there in North America. I was certain that the only reason I was getting killed, repeatedly, was because they were breaking the freaking lobbies by pulling teammates to a server that matchmaking would ordinarily prohibit. Guess what I found out: I was genuinely bad at the game. The only difference I noticed being on their team, as opposed to playing against them, was that parties are normally pretty good at forcing you where they want you to be, as opposed to where you want to be. I am not discounting your concern about parties, because frankly, I do seem to occasionally get the full partied up team that just should not be on the same server that I am on, if not for the party being hosted by a member who is geographically closer to me than the rest of their squad.


So, do you care to expand on your statement, or was there never a "B)" to begin with?


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I think there a lot more things that should be improved in WW2. First of all I have to say, that I currently ok with WWII - a lot of issues were fixed or came up in the last 3-4 months and improved the game a lot. Actually Iam close to say that without some current existing bad technical/design parts in the game WWII would be listed with MW2/3, BO1/2 in one breath. Unfortunatly WW2 still has some issues, that aren't or couldn't be fixed and so Im sure this game will went as a average titel in the cod history.

There some things that could have been fixed, but they werent, like the fire shotgun that is still anoying from the beginning. Camping is also still way to effective in this game. Don't get me wrong, camping was unfortunatly everytime part of all cods since then (expect the IW/AW, where it was nearly unefficent /useless cause of the boostjumps) - but it was never so effective as it currently is. One reason is the high ADS time as well as the a bit to high time-to-kill time. These are things that could be fixed i think, the patch in march and also the specialist perk 3 weeks ago showed, that ww2 makes a lot more fun when played fast (what is a bit easyier with the new perks).

Things that are still worse and can't be easly fixed are the maps and the connection. Most of the maps are the worst I ever played in cod history. Too many headglitsches and not really well planed. Im also missing more "dark" maps, I would love to see a Gustav Cannon Map in the dark, where the big gun is going to enlight the hole map every 30-60 seconds. 

One of the biggest problems is still the connection. Im from europe -east germany. Players from germany I kind of not existing, I usually have average of 1 more german players in a game. The team is mostly mixed with people from sweden, france, england, norway, sometimes italy and spain - in one match! I also noticed, that if someone came up with a bad connection, the game is trying to organize the hole connection in that way, that everyone has nearly the same connection. This leads often to a advantge for the player with the worst connection. These people are a bit like bulletproof, they can't be killed and sometimes the one-burst u from nowhere. In my opionion SHG still prefers a balanced team system (something like Skill based match making) before a good connection. This leads to 2 cases: In one case, Im a god and nearly doing my teams job alone (and often loose, cause my mates are nohands) or the opponent team is strong as f... and I have to fight really hard to win the game. In both cases it feels like these games arent random at all. My KD is now 2.0 which is by the way the worst I have in comparision to the cods before. 

The connection is in every case mostly ok to poor. When I see "lets plays" from ytbers who were allowed to test the new DLC maps on LAN, the hole game looks like a diffent one. In these videos u can kill ure enemy with nearly every weapon really fast - and it looks like a lot of fun. 

To be honest, I played Counter Strike while it was in beta status with a 56k modem. The connection was still better than it actually is in WW2 - and CS beta was over 10 years ago. 


Im not happy with BO4 and it looks like I will skip - unfortunatly WWII is not good enough to keep me up to the release of MW4 (or whatever is going to come) next year.

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What could you possibly already have against BO4 that makes you unhappy with it, lol? We haven't entered the beta yet, and your mind is made up? I understand why a lot of people are upset about the "all-or-nothing" approach with the pass, but let's give the game a chance before we decide we're not happy with it. 


I think the incendiary shells are grossly overstated as a problem here. It's not like they are Molotov cocktails being shot out of a rifle. Plus, you die to them once, and you should be aware someone is running them. I don't even find them annoying anymore, and certainly not OP. 

I agree that CoD is more fun when played fast; but that's just my opinion. I can still play fast, but not careless. When I get careless, I start eating incendiary shells in this game. That is my fault. 9/10 times, the buckshot would have killed me just as easily as the incendiary shells. 

As for connection, Germany does seem to have something weird going on. I'm sure not all of Germany, but my buddy from the forum here, Horrorman, is in Germany and to say he has had a rough CoD year is an understatement. However; the issues arent specific to Germany. Despite being.optimized as best as I can get (ports forwarded, hardwired, open NAT, and no other devices on the network while I am playing), I still have the really weird matches. Bad matches I can forgive, but when these matches span an entire event cycle, I get annoyed. I dont get mad about it anymore, seeing as how nothing constructive gets done out of anger, but I am pretty sure I have learned more about online game networking, including factors that I may cause through carelessness on my end (like leaving Netflix run in my bedroom even though I have switched rooms to game), factors that I never could cause if I wanted to, and knowing when it is worth my time to differentiate between the two. What I am finding is that there are a ton of factors that I do not fully understand, but I kind of dig learning about this stuff. So, in my eyes, even a bad day on the game can be a fun day learning about different parts of the game's networking. 


As for YT'ers: they are not the problem. It's not like the early access content creators who play on LAN at an unveiling event then go home, and play against players online in a LAN setting. My only YT complaint is with the few who continue to promote the idea that their gameplay is great because of a variant of a gun. Other than iron sights @ nd xp boosts, a base model is no different than a variant- statistically speaking.

And their egregious use of arrows, circles, and emojis in their thumbnails.

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