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Nemesis Game Mode

2 Teams of 6 v 6.  Each player has a nemesis on the opposite team for the entire game. You and your nemesis can see each other’s location on the mini map at all times. You can also see a marker indication over each other’s heads like in capture the flag. There are two objective locations on either side of the map; one for you and one for your nemesis. These objective locations are exclusive to you and your nemesis. The other nemesis pairs have objective locations to them as well but you and your nemesis cannot visually see where their objective locations are. When you kill your nemesis they drop a dog tag. In order to score a point for your team you must grab their dog tag and bring it to your objective location.

Possible Added dynamic: When you grab your nemesis’s dog tag they immediately become invisible to you on the mini map and there is no longer a marker over their heads. However, they can still see you. This gives them the advantage when they are killed by you and you are trying to score their dog tag at the objective.

Possible Added Dynamic: Nemesis kills stack. Meaning that if you kill your nemesis grab his dog tag and he kills you before you score, your dog tag is worth two points instead of one. This stacking continues until someone scores.

Possible Added Dynamic: If someone on the other team who is not your nemesis kills you, you do not drop a dog-tag.

Killstreaks like the Predator Missile are not allowed.

This idea could also apply to free for all.

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