Noob question regarding Beta.

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So I'm thinking of pre ordering ww2. 

So getting access to the beta.  It's my first ever pre order or beta. 

So my two questions are. How many days will it be for and the second is. Do you use your actual ps4 account?  If so. Say you get to level 20 during the beta. Will you carry on from level 20 in November? 

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1 The Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta comes to PlayStation 4 on August 25 and will last at least 3 days.


2 No, experience will not carry over from the Private Beta.


Read the faq for more informations.


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 Dates are ps4 25 aug - 28 aug

Ps4 and xbox one 1 sep - 4 sep


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1) You should register for the beta with the PSN account you want to play the beta on.


2) Unless you're certain you are going to get the game, I recommend that you pre-order a physical copy.  Gamestop and most others will let you cancel a physical pre-order but the digital stores won't.

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