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I think this is healthy for the series. I am hoping they include into the dev cycle a mix of Advanced Movement and Classic Gameplay. I think too much of one or the other leads to the series becoming stale.
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Going to wait and see more at E3.... but I am sure they will come, and we will shout them down. I do hope they balance it so its not too slow, however.


What I pictured the Bunny Hoppers doing when Condrey said the focus would be on Gun Skill and Tactics in MP...


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Don't count on it, the bunny hoppers as you call them usually have better gun skill  and player skill than a head glicher or corner camper. The players that uset the advanced movements are the only players that tend to be challenges in the games I play minus the occasional full team that camps like a pro with their turrents, trip and cryo mines etc. That is only type of camping I would have put in the class of strategy regardless of how dirty it feels.

Maybe it is me but I never seen COD as a tactical player, it has always seem to be about lone wolf twitch shooter types but that is also probably cause I have mainly only played that way with occasional friends that would play.

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I suspect people will figure out a way to annoy others - soon.

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IW has plenty of camping, WWII will just have fewer ways to deal with those types of players so sure, there will be a lot of complaining about it. It's been a long time that I have played a BOTG game but I don't remember it having more camping than IW or BO3, just in the new games a lot of people trying to camp unsuccessfully complaining it was unfair due to advance movement. Just worried the game play is going to be too slow and boring.

As it is in HCTDM games, probably about 70% of my games is hide and seek. Maybe the BOTG will have the opposite affect, since the campers in this game won't feel outmatched since they pretty much only have to deal with a horozontal and minimal vertical reaction and might feel more confident moving out a dark corners. Who am I kidding, there will be just as much if not more so yes, there will be a lot of complaining about it and it potentially could be a very annoying aspect of the game.

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