Our prayers answered?

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Now, we're gonna do a bit of math on this one. When Advanced Warfare was released there wasn't any stopped the boost jump games to come because they have already been produced and they can't scrap it, although we complained exactly when AW came out, and since then it has been 3 -4 years which is how much time it takes to produce one. So technically, Activision and all of the call of duty companies were listening to us, they just couldn't stop the boost jumping in games because the games with boost jumps were already being worked on. Now thats not to say they will remove everything we don't like, like supply drops. But this shows that they are listening to us, so we shouldn't feel desperate as they are community listeners.

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Hopefully they will remove all the boost jumping and crap like you said and stick to older type COD like world at war and black ops 1. Focusing on better maps and better guns is what i would like.

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BO1 had the 'swan dive' movement enhancer. I had no issue with that comapred to say, wall running or even worse, BOOST DODGING from AW. I can live with wall running but Bosst dodging is no bueno. 

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I think it's safe to say... yes. Movement and future setting aside, there has always been a part of me that wanted CoD to return to WWII. So yes, my prayer has been answered. I would have been just as happy with Vietnam or WWI like Battlefield tackled this year. There is just something about the historical setting that sits well with me.

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Ummm. Yes and no. They have always tried to pander to certain parts of the community. That's how we got advanced movement to begin with. There was a part of the community that complained that cod was cookie cutter. Now those same folks are complaining that they need to go back to basics. And when this cod is launched that same group will complain about campers.

If it's up to me,  the devs should make a game that they would want to play.


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Let's hope they bring back World at War style blood and gore to nail the gritty setting. None of that tomato ketchup like in Bo3/Infinite Warfare.

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Well lets hope all this does happen.
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All good points, but I think they are taking this more seriously which is the main thing here.
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