PLS explain me why I s*ck or what is wrong with public matches ?

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 I'm not saying I'm very good player, even a good player but in all CODs I've played my ratio was at least nice - average 2.0 or above, in many matches I was in top 3 players in game or in team and I was calling prizes for 10-18killstreaks, I was able to have scores like 40k/6d. So I think I'm not that bad.
I'm coming back after 6 years of not playing at all(25yo now), and I was thinking it's pretty normal that after all these years I'm bad. It was depressing but I could understand that. My ratio in public matches in WWII is something between 0.5-1.1k/d. So it's drasticlly lower, but then I said let's try something different so I turned on Black Ops 3  that I recived for free on PS4 monthly games and suddenly my K/D rised to at least 1.5 k/d, then I tried out Infinitie Warfare that I've bougth with with WWII and my k/d is around 1.0-2.0 depands on match. So I'm playing WWII and I think... let's try Hardcore, and voila I can have score like 30k/4d. Not bad? Then I come back to core public matches and again I have 0.5-0.9 ratio, and in many matches my team losses in TDM like 75 - 34(?) or in domination like 50 to 200(?).
Sorry, but after having for 4 months PS4 and playing online WWII I thinking there must be something waaay to wrong with these game. At begin I thought it's because of size of maps but in HC I have same maps but score way higher, is it something with connection(I've good connection 500mb/s up and 25mb/s download) ? Are people cheating there somehow ? I can't be good in IW and BO without using at all advanced movements because I almost can't use it - it's very new to me, I ended playing on MW3 years ago and I can't suck so much in one type of matches in WWII - core, and be good in HC, and I never, ever for years played HC games. WWII is first game that I'm playing HC.

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I'm having many time situations that I start shooting with good accuracy to the enemy and he is able to kill me faster with same class weapon or worse. I've lost gunfigths to graese gun while shooting from mp-40, and I've lost many times shooting from stg-44 to smg guy that was on mid distance, and even once I've lost to a pistol while shooting first with stg. WTF?
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It happens. 


Are you bad? Probably not. I can't say. What I feel safe in recommending is that you make sure you have your console hardwired to your router, versus playing on wifi, as a lot of what you are describing sounds like a textbook example of packet loss. Make sure you are also port forwarded, and are not running applications like Netflix, Whatever music app people are using, updating Facebook, etc, etc. I am honestly not saying this is something that is your fault, as I have suffered sub-optimal playing conditions here and there due to things seemingly as innocuous as Facebook, and Google Photo uploading crap to the cloud when I forget to put my phone on mobile data. 

More devices simultaneously running while you are playing CoD equals a worse experience. 

What is your NAT type in game? 


For whatever reason, this CoD seems to be a little less forgiving (in my own personal experience only) than previous CoDs, and can't really be compared to games before it, or after it. 

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Greasegun actually beats out MP40 at close ranges unless you are so close you can almost melee them.

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