PS3 MW3 Error Communication with the Activision servers has been interrupted

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Everytime i try to connecto to MW3 Multiplayer on my Ps3 i get the following  error message:

"Error Communication with the Activision servers has been interrupted".


Im on newest ps3 version (i reset my console and installed everything fresh).

I have Nat-Typ2 on psn connection test and nat typ open ingame.


Every other cod game is working fine (bo1, bo2, mw1, mw2, bo3).


I have all needed ports open.


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You can try posting in a BO4 PS3/4 specific forum to see if someone can help you out. This is a general forum for COD WW2 and it's not very active anymore.

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Como jogo então aparece sempre error quando entro para jogar on lin
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I’m also having the same problem. Let me know if you find out a fix

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Changed gamertag on ps3 and today on here too, lined ps3 accounts and STILL getting the Communiction with Activision servers error??? SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THIS? I ACTUALLY GOT ON A GAME FOR 1 MINUTE LAST NIGHT THEN IT KICKED OFF AGAIN!!!

Mr Stephen Hughes
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