Payroll Change SHG/ATVI ?

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So since April, I've been able to receive 300 armory credits from my payroll in the multiplayer mail because I'm Master Prestige. I've also been able to collect 200 from my payroll in zombies. They would both reset every 4 hours.


So now, after yesterdays update... there is no longer a difference in the payroll. I can only collect 300 armory credits between the two modes every 4 hours. I read the patch notes and the only related note this could fall under is "Master Prestige Rewards".


So my question is, why the change? Was it screwed up before... or is it screwed up now?


Was I getting an extra 200 armory credits every 4 hours for 4.5 months because it was a mistake? If so, that's pretty messed up that you would change it after so long. Accept your mistake and make it permanent.


If it wasn't a mistake and you screwed it up with the latest update... please fix it. Or at least give an explanation please.


If anyone knows or has a link from another platform, please link it.


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Sounds like real shg logic

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