Players using 'IRA' as a clan tag, why is this allowed?

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I've noticed many players (Trolls) using 'IRA' as a clan tag on COD WW2. The 'IRA' are a Terrorist group who blew up and killed 2 children in my town and many innocent people in the United Kingdom.


Nothing funny about a clan tag promoting a Terrorist organisation who destroyed peoples lives and killed children.


Hope you guys at Sledgehammer/Activision can address this issue and block IRA from being used as a clan tag.


The people using this tag think it's hilarious and find the fact children were killed 'funny'. This is allowing the promotion of a Terrorist organisation and it is highly offensive to many people. These trolls need to be dealt with.


Kind regards

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It is just tryhard morons who think they are funny and special so they try to be edgy to justify their pathetic and pointless life.

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It's ridiculous, can't use MOFO as a clantag but can IRA.


Doesn't make sense to me.

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I wanted to use SVT which is fords special vehicle teams, which makes the cobra mustang, 





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There are idiots all around us and this is not an exception. I've seen people call themselves isis in other games pretending to be a terrorist group. 


Sadly I think this kind of actions are the reason they left out swatstikas in the multiplayer. Because idiots make emblems with swatstikas and Activision can't forbid to make them if they use them themselves. Not that I miss them who has time to look at that in a fast paced mp game but if this is the reason it is kind of sad. Just report those people. That's what I do.

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Sorry to say but the IRA was not a 'terrorist organisation'. The IRA were a group of freedom fighters who fought against hundreds of years of genocide, oppression, ocupation and for the rights of Catholic people in Northern Ireland. Keep in mind thay Catholic people were treated as 2nd class citizens and got no jobs, houses, etc. They did not purposely kill innocent people, they targeted police, military and buildings and left warnings every time there was a bomb somewhere so people can be cleared from the area, hence why they were freedom fighters and not terrorists. I take it you don't get taught about the acts of Britain and the British Army in school like every other British person. If the IRA were 'terrorists' then tell me what the biggest group of mass murderers the world has ever seen (British Army) are then? 

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I bet you’d be ok with clan tag TANS though. 


I admit I use to wear my IRA T-shirt when the 25th British Regiment toured Texas to play rugby against us, just to piss them off. I’m of Irish descent and the 25th killed civilians in Dublin. 

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What about the tools using swastikas ad emblems

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I have no idea what that Clan Tag means but if it was promoting a Terrorist organistion i'd not wish to see it. It's just sad that people have to trigger others to get 'thrills' when in real life they'd not say a word. They're all just little toxic keyboard warriors who have issues.
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My great grandfather was in the IRA during the days of Michael Collins. Each of our families here in the US hang a picture of him in his uniform. We certainly see it as our heritage and are proud, we also appreciate his love for his country and his battle against oppression.


That being said, the IRA has certainly carried out terrorist attacks over the years. And since people do take offense to those actions, like the original poster, it really should be avoided as a clan tag in the game. Just my opinion.

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