Please Bring 4 Player Co-Op To PC!

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Consoles have had four player co-op zombies for so long yet the PC has no four player co-op (it only allows two players on Black Ops 3)! This game is amazing and I hope the developer (Sledgehammer Games) sees this to make the game even more enjoyable for tons of people who want 4 player local co-op zombies to play when friends come over! Nowadays, developers are stepping away from local co-op and making online-only, but most people would agree to have a local co-op mode so friends can come over to play and we all enjoy the game. The addition of 4 player local co-op would be amaing because if friends come over, we can be able to play COD: WW2 if it has local-compatibility or we would play a game that would allow us all to play local co-op instead of COD: WW2 if it does not have local-compatibility. But honestly, I would like for you to take this idea into consideration because I know that you can make the best decision for your game and your community! Smiley Happy

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Why bring anything to PC? I am surprised they even bother making it for PC anymore.

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