Please include Theater Mode in Call of Duty World War 2

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I know much has not been announced yet but I'd like to see Theater mode included in Call of Duty WW2. I remember playing Black ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3 which included Theater mode. It had me spend so much time playing the game cause of its epicness + a theater mode. I know you guys think that theater mode is not important if you can capture your moments with PS4 and XBOX DVR but it is not the same like theater mode because with theater mode you can do cineamatic montages and clips using free roam recording. I dont just like recording my game clips of my first person view. It brings so much more magic in video editing using different free roam angles and even dolly cams. I never used dolly cams but i know how useful they can be. Activision can you please consider this for World War 2? If you do. Can you please mirror the Black ops 1 or Modern Warfare 3 theater mode system. It felt more easier to use. Also can you make it as convenient to use theater mode by allowing us to view our friends saved games. I am usually the video editor and i like making montage clips that include my epic moments and my friends. I miss it so much. I havent bought a call of duty in awhile because of all the silly sci fi nonsense, but this new Call of Duty is back to "Boots on the Ground" which is why ill be buying a CoD game again for the first time in many years. I'll admit. i bought Ghosts but that didnt count because i was lame so i didnt play it.

Please seriously consdier. We had so much fun making videos like this with theater mode

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Already confirmed there will be no theatre mode. They definitely are cheaping out on this COD.

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[Sarcasm]And after a month it will come as a paid DLC  [/sarcasm]

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Shush! Don't give the greedy powers that be any ideas. LOL! I wouldn't be shocked if it did.

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It has been confirmed that Theater Mode will be available in the RNG Slot Machine, cashing in 10,218 COD points or purchased for $12.83 (with purchase of the first DLC).  This won't be available until Thanksgiving 5XP Tuesday.  It's going to be the ultimate "Turkey"


(since we're being sarcastic and all!) Man LOL

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