Please stop dividing the community with paid DLC.

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I think it's reached the point now where we understand that supply drops are here to stay. This being due to our own doing and need for unlockable paywall items. These are now part and parcel of COD, even if i personally don't agree with it.


But with the DLC its hurting the community by separating the player base and mostly the connection quality is hurt the most. Why still charge for the maps when the supply drops alone make more than the game sales? Even put the Zombies DLC separate and most people would still buy it. I enjoy the DLC maps but i am literally the only one out of my friends list that purchases them, and i suffer for it in terms of connection due to less players available, and as soon as i play with my friends again in the larger player pool the connection is fantastic and I instantly notice the change in consistency.


Modern games that include micro transactions (mostly) include DLC for free to keep player interest. But this franchise is about milking for every penny. 


Have you ever thought that some players would buy more supply drops if they got DLC for free, resulting in no loss in revenue plus giving back to the support of the community for the franchise?



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I agree. And have brought up this point the last few years. Unfortunately it seems to fall upon deaf ears.

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Just want to add, i posted this on the COD WW2 section as a Season Pass has already been announced with prices on IGN.

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I tend to agree.


Follow the TitanFall model with Free DLC maps for all.


The other option is that DLC is all or nothing. You Either get the Season Pass, or not. None of this piece-meal stuff that really divides the player base. Rather there be 2 bases (SP holders and Non-SP Holders) than several Player bases where some have none, some have SP, Some have 1 DLC, etc

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This is actually not a bad idea. Considering that if a group of people only purchase DLC 1 and thats it, no other DLC. This leaves them stuck in that small player pool for the rest of the cycle. 


Then you could have players that buy only DLC 1 and 3 and this creates a stupidly smaller pool, and so on and so forth.


Just wish common sense would prevail for once rather than dollar. 

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It's Activision, baby!

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Sadly the only way they will ever eliminate this split is making the full game $100 so that everyone basically gets the game and season pass or they don't get it at all.

Or maybe they finally make the game modes a la carte so $45 for campaign, $45 for Zombies, and $50 for multiplayer.

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One of the firts cods you could turn the dlc maps off .

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Slegehammer do seem to listen to their community so I hope they see this. Less paid DLC please Sledgehammer!

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i have no problem buying expansions but they are being released to close after launch.

id rather see proper expansion pack we have to buy like half a year + after release.


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