Possible OMAHA BEACH multiplayer concept art LOADING SCREEN?

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3.jpgOriginal Concept Art2.jpgMy own interpretation of a loading-screen.1.jpgAn image breakdown of the various areas potentially playable on the beach.

So first off, I came across this image in a WW2 youtube video, and immediately got my hopes up. If anyone could validate the image, it would be greatly appreciated. What this could mean and/or indicate is that we may be getting an Omaha Beach map for MULTIPLAYER albeit 6v6. The first image is unedited concept art, the second image is my interpretation of a loading screen, and the third is an image breakdown of the various possible playable areas... 


If you have any more info, please post away! I would love to have a real BEACH map, not just this Pointe Du Hoc (after the landing) map. Any confirmations would be greatly apppreciated. I might add, that it would seem strange to make Omaha Beach the height of the Reveal trailer and such a big part of the campaign and then do nothing with it for multiplayer. I hope you agree, and I hope we get a true Omaha Beach map.


Thanks for your time guys!

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Pics aint working. Probably they have to be checked by a mod.


Would like to to a beach map. But than it's mostly open area. 

Unless a small strip of beach and sea and rest dunes and fortifications.


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There are "Hedgehogs" ? , I hope they don't bite.





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