Potentially the most boring Call of Duty campaign I've ever experienced, well done.

World War II General Discussion

I honestly had to force myself to finish it, the entire plot was basically "kill nazis" and that's it until it started plagerizing Saving Private Ryan at the end. Maybe you all should stop focusing on making things look pretty and put in some actual gameplay next time because I play games to play games not watch an interactive movie, which is what this is. All the time and effort clearly went into making pretty cutscenes rather than interesting gameplay, gameplay that consists of "move to this area and kill nazis, then move to the next area and kill nazis". To top it off the multiplayer doesn't even work, top notch job guys!

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Well the whole concept of war is really move to this point kill people and then move on, so they did it right stop hating.

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I honestly think the campaign is pretty entertaining, best experience is on veteran which isn't the usual 'rip out my hair' difficult and feels achievable for once. 

Dialling it back to missions based on the type of things that actually happened in the war was a great touch, makes it more relevant compared to jet packs and space fighting.


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