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So I dont expect anyone to have any answers to my question besides Activision, but I spent $120 on the IW Legacy Pro edition and it only had the Bullethawk Customization Pack while the $100 Digital Deluxe Edition had like 10 calling cards and the Bullethawk and Hailstorm Customization Pack and so I wanted to know if I buy the Pro Edition of WW2 if I am gonna get screwed over and not get what other people get even if it costed more money.

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Cost. Cost. Cost.

Never Costed.

My advice is to read carefully the details of each package that is announced. Remember to order from a retailer that will allow you to change packages if you decide one is better than another. Right now only 4 versions have been announced, and there are no details about what the additional content will be.

My advice is to read about the versions as more info is released so you get what you want.
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Hi there,

Just to reiterate what @NiceDrewishFela has already said.


The link below shows the different Editions available and the current information on what they contain.


Hope this helps



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