Prestige Token and Emblem Creation

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I’m not sure how to report this but I’m really upset for two things that have occurred since I got the game. One being that I had used a prestige unlock token on a weapon that I thought was just going to be unlocked with a rank up token because it had a green star indicating that it was new, but it turned out that I only got a new weapon variant for it and ended up using the prestige token in the process and I really was wondering if I was going to be able to get it back somehow because I’m most likely never going to use the weapon that I had used that token on, being the m1a1 carbine. Another issue was that I had spent about an hour on an emblem that I eventually “saved” but I ended up being stuck on an “uploading” screen for half an hour. I closed the application after it took so long and came to find my emblem not saved at all and I’m really upset about it, if there’s any way to fix that, please do so cause I might not be the only one.

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