Prestige... just my SWAG on how it may work...

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Jeebus... I am soooooo looking forward to boots a boots on the ground, grit and grime COD.


That said.


Here is my purely speculative look at how prestige might work with the new division concept.

  • Rank up in EACH division (no idea how many but guessing at least 4)
    • Prestige 0 (P0) rank 15 with Infantry
    • P1 rank 10 with Armored
  • Each Prestige is 55 ranks (see pic)
  • Guessing 5-10 prestige levels per division
    • For a base total of 20-40 prestige levels

I could be way off on this... or sorta close. 


But that's what you get with a SWAG.


That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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