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I referred to it as an unpolished turd because that's exactly what it is. Did you get the game at launch? I did, couldnt even actually play multiplayer for a week because of crashing and awful servers. Same issues I had on PC, that's to be expected since it's a poor port of console version. How long before anything was even semi-functional? Still today nearly 2 months in and it's still crap, just a plethora of issues that shouldn't be there, that they can't seem to fix and when they release an update it just spurs more issues.


It has potential but I don't know if it will reach that potential until it's too late or at all. Shg did make aw and look at that, still plagued by things that weren't ever addressed. History has a way of repeating itself, hence I returned both my console and pc copies of this game. 


I might consider repurchasing if they actually do something but til then, I'm enjoying mwr for my cod fix and hoping for a past setting battlefield.

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Re: QUICKSCOPE hurts profit

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Battlefield has a ww1 game .. is that not far enough in the past for you? Would you prefer cavemen vs cavemen?

I don't care for bfww1. It was and still is plauged with issues.. could you please refer me to a game in the PS4 lineup that is fps big budget , zero issues, that you are using to come up with the "unpolished turd" reference. 

Yes I was soooo angry when the servers did not work on day one.. I kinda cleared my social calendar to play that night.. 

It was fixed very quickly, less than 1 week.

I think it's a great game and I can't think of any ps4 game of it's size and production value you could possibly be comparing it to. (Remasters do not count.. that's a game that's had years of tweaks .. nothing new.)

I think you owe Activision an apology.

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Re: QUICKSCOPE hurts profit

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LOL I was beeing sarcastic.


I can't stand quickscoping but it's a legit tactic. ADS on snipers is too fast in my opinion (Kar98K beats LMG ADS for example) and even though they said they nerved it, it still scopes in practicly on centre. But that's just my opinion.


In WW2 the ADS time is only slightly slower than those of AR's, especially on the Kar98K which seems to be the quickscopers favorite.


Why was there no quickscoping in games like Infinite Warfare? (pro's did it but not your avarage player) Not because of boost jumping but because of a simple reason, snipers had way longer ADS times and AR/SMG had way faster ADS times. Especially since everybody ran quickdraw and while you could put that on a sniper it didn't do much for it. So people were pretty much forced to hardscope. 


These topics about quickscoping or OP guns or whatever always turn out in people preaching their own class.


Snipers want SMG/AR nerved

SMG want AR nerved

AR wants SMG and Snipers nerved

Shotgunners always want a buff


etc bla bla.

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Re: QUICKSCOPE hurts profit

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They don't want to be realtistic. They have never said that. 

QSing is apart of every game that has a sniper rifle in it. 

They wanted to slow the game down a bit since the maps are fairly small.

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Re: QUICKSCOPE hurts profit

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@Cosmic_browny wrote:

How bout this, if they remove the so called "glitch/exploit" that allows a quickscope to be possible, well then guess what? You effectively remove the ability to fire immediately after aiming with every gun. 


Why? Plot twist, there is no glitch or exploit. The same mechanics that allow a quick  scope are shared with every single weapon in every single cod, heck every single fps for that matter. It's how the games are intentionally designed.


By yours and this crying Joey persons logic, having a target already in your crosshairs regardless of what weapon your using(god forbid a sniper rifle) and hosing them down immediately after ads is a glitch and/or an exploit which should not be possible and therefore removed from the game.


Hmmm now what kind of affect would that have on anything? Couldn't be detrimental to the entire gameplay dynamic in any way, shape or form...oh not at all.

Be careful...you're cutting into the "You CAN'T QS with other weapons" crowd.  And they don't like it!   Man LOL

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Re: QUICKSCOPE hurts profit

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Its all about the money. That realization should come soon. People will continue to spend money with cod as long as it remains fun and fair.

QUICKSCOPE takes everything fun and fair about the game and throws it out the window. I'm surprised sledgehammer would continue to choose to placate the few over the many.. sometimes change takes time.

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Re: QUICKSCOPE hurts profit

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let it go Joe

let it go
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Re: QUICKSCOPE hurts profit

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Hmmm. This is very interesting. I suddenly feel the urge to agree with you because your opinion is supreme. 

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Re: QUICKSCOPE hurts profit

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1 topic 2 wrongs. First of all Quickscoping requires skill. Especially if you compare it with reg guns that the community call them regular because everyone uses these because they are easy. If you kids that want snipers nerfed, eventually try quickscoping you would realise that it is harder than faze,or obey, or RED clan members make it look. But you never try it. Instead, all you do is bitching about it to this community. So,it is not QS that is ruining the game,it is you noob kids that keep the game down. And because of QS COD has so many buyers. It is the best quuckscoping game and without it quickscopers would turn to another game. And the qs haters can play Hardcore where its stupid to snip. Not that in core you find many quickscopers. Everyone is just playing with a sniper for 2 lifes tops. Then they switch to the easy guns because they cant quickscope.
Just try it. And when you see that I am right you may stop crying about it and let Activision focus on the real issues. Such as why there is no recoil to SMGs just because you have a foregrip attached? :-P
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