Servers down on day 2?

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How can this be? You would think the COD franchise would have its stuff together by now, you know, servers working correctly. This is embarrassing.


I had all day to play, and have been able to for about an hour total. We all deserve some free 2x xp for this!

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They're not down for me so it must be more localized or regional issues. They were down for me on the East Coast US last night. Very hard to get online but today is a different story. Played two games just now and both played well. Fingers crossed that my luck holds out.

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Things have been working great here for me all day.  No issues.  And, if servers really were down, I'd understand since its only DAY 2.  Have a good day!!  

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They are down for me, Northeast US, and alot of others too. I love the game already, reminds me of the original black ops with a hint of Destiny. So this isn't some negativity campaign, I just can't play due to server issues. And if you were smart, you'd say "yeah, give us 2x xp" instead of disagreeing, just because you haven't expierienced the issues, yet.

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Smiley LOL you are so right about the 2xp

servers are down for me as well here in Israel

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Servers are down again like most of the time since release. I´m getting error 103295 on PS4.

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