Shipment 1944 is complete garbage. Worst Map in COD history

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It has to be said.  Shipment 1944 is the worst map in COD history.  It's complete trash. Anyone who enjoys this map is a spawn camping peasant. In tournament level play, they'd be lucky to move let alone get a kill.  Garbage, complete trash.  Most likely 40 with a Beyblade collection.  


Hunkering down behind a wooden plank and spamming infinite amounts of LMG fire into a spawn spot where people die within 2 miliseconds of spawning isn't skill, it's called a hack like any other and this map is beyond a joke.  A salvaged Jay Leno monologue of some sort.  It's pathetic.  It truly has made me back out of lobbies.  I refuse to play in this b.s   



Who was it that though it'd be in best interest of the game to introduce a map where you literally watch someone spawn? Enemies spawn where your team just spawned right in front of you.  How is that even remotely fun?   Even the times when I go 35+ - 3 or something I don't have fun.  I didn't earn anything.  I just spammed fire into a spawn spot.  Put betties in spawn spots, threw random nades, hid in a corner with a riot shield.  It's just not skill.   I'd rather play with bots.    Why would anyone enjoy this? 



More importantly, why do people vote for it?  Are you on pixie dust from alladins pipe?   It's people who just care about padding random kills,  not giving a ***** about objectives or actually playing team based gameplay which makes up 90 percent of the community at this point.



Objective games?  Forget about it.  Trying to lock down a hardpoint in a map smaller than my front lawn is a sad embarassing state of affairs.  




Shipment is compelte garbage. 

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Shipment is nostalgic map like carentan

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Shipment is compelte garbage.


but.. it's not.

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Shipment is awesome for me. It’s like a bonus if it happens to come up while I’m doing contracts. It actually takes a decent amount of team coordination to not get spawn camped. No matter what area your team is spawning in, two people covering the left flank (a corner of the map), two covering the right (an adjacent corner of the map), and one or two making sure no enemies pop out of the shortcut in the middle.


You’re right that it’s an LMG map. Same way Gustav is made for Sniper Rifles, London is Rifles/SMG, Pointe du Hoc is SMG/Shotguns, etc. Plus it only last like 3 minutes anyways. I wish they would actually bring back Shipment Hardcore playlist.


But to each his own, right? I use to hate it more then you currently do.

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That's a lot of anger towards something you literally never have to use or play

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@GamerElephant @@OP


i get what you mean, but where would those mind-less spawn camping tards be without a map like shipment? They’d be in other games. I mean at the end of the day, shipment’s existence makes every other game that little bit nicer because that are fewer idiots and d***heads about. Shipment’s a sponge soaking up trash.

I mean frankly I wish there were a few more corners in shipment so corner campers who get sponged into it too

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 Me thinks you assume too much.  Just because you can't play the map, don't discount those who do.  Granted, it's often filled with talentless twerps who camp corners with shields or just hang out at one corner with an lmg.  You've got lobbies with requisition runners just dying to play Domination for the chance to play with streaks the could never get otherwise. And everybody  hates being on a team that can't get out of the spawn container. 


But, those who try to play the map, be it run and gun/shoot and scoot TDM,  or actually try the objectives in other modes...its a constant challenge and of all the maps makes you have a very fluid playstyle.  Some ppl can't adapt, or have the patience to try.  From what you've said, the only playstyle you mention trying are the mindless kdr boosting methods I was just berating .  Try playing kill confirmed on it, or try getting 10-12 captures in domination .  The map, when played and not camped out can be fun. If you want to have fun on that map you can't care about kill/death ratios... 

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When this map pops up I always back out of the lobby. Too much screen shaking, a small map but a giant cluster F**k of obstacles.


Why they keep putting old maps into new games I will never know and don't see the point? Things have moved on, Devs just can't be bothered to make extra maps.. so, they throw in some old maps and call it nostalgia.


Black ops 4 is released soon which means Treyarch which = Nuketown. Also, of course..the stupid Specialist classes, Nomad and Prophet etc. Pick 10 is back for the classes, but I'll give it a miss. CoD has died.

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there's nothing wrong with shipment other than people are idiots. LMG, SMG, shotgun and sniper use is fine within the matches. just like any other map. they are all easily countered and have their advantages/disadvantages.


when you add stupid bull***** like shields, bats, tomahawks, etc. then it becomes a kiddie, low IQ problem. when a guy can run around with a shovel and go 52-49, it's not the map or the game's fault. it's the morons on the other team who refuse to adapt and shut that nonsense down.


it's all in the selfish nature of players. they will do whatever they want, whenever they want because they say so. but they'll never do it in FFA. they'll force it on teams.

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