Significant Change that the Gamers want from CoD-WWII

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Never been hyped so much for a Call of Duty title since Black Ops 2!!! Thanks Sledgehammer Games and Activision for bringging back the roots of this Franchise!

Being a FPS & War-Story freak, I want some significant changes in this game!

N.B:- These all are my personal opinion and what I have seen going through many discussions in social media since yesterday's world reveal.


(1)  Please try to provide us a Non-linear Single Player Campaign. That means we want to play as all the ALLIES (Soviet Union-UK-China) not only USA. Because every Allied force had a different War Story from their perspective. At least 50% of campaign should comprise of all the other allies who fought in this great conflict. You have chosen "Battle of Normandy" to tell the story. That is ok but there are at least 10 more significant battles which have been fought. (  )

(2) All the Multiplayer maps should focus on the most significant battlegrounds like these:- (  ) 

(3) We need big servers where at least 64 people can play at a time. If possible make that 128 so that we actually can feel that we are in real World War 2!!!



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It's never good to generalize not all gamers want these things.


secondly you realize the games all but made right , and none of the things you mention have been included in the campaign, as for the mp stuff i think that is a given 

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No thanks 

If I want to play a game with that many I'll play battlefield or arma.

Maybe adjust the title to say "things that 'I' want".

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If you want big battles battlefield is the way to go,I don't see why cod should copy that mess when it's one of the most competitive shooters with the orginal 6v6 battles.

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