So im not allowed the Goat II?

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So i play this game for hours per day. 


Seams like im destined to just not get the Goat II Volkssturnmewhr. 


The only gun i really want. 


Wouldnt mind seeing it pop up as a challenge seeing as ita obviously coded that a percentage cant cop it via normal means. 

Darth Griff
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I got it in a random drop.  Looks nice. Havn't seen too many around though. 

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Pick up the heroic drop and save it until all other heroics are obtained. Then it is guaranteed.
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I want the Sterling but it won't drop for me.
Dante2k Level 74
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Same here, I’ve always loved the volk and could not get it threw hundreds of supply drops ended up getting the epic variant but I’ve had no luck getting the heroic variant. Wish we could just pay in armory credits for it or any fun of that such but it’ll never happen. I guess it’s all luck threw supply drops of getting it.
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Sorry, but you were tested and found to be wanting!

No Goat 2 for you #randomcod*****

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I feel you, i farmed dailys/weeklys for two months before getting the heroic Enfield No.2 i wanted, best of luck

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I've had it since the event that dropped it. Haven't touched it since "the nerf"...

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