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Finally I max out level 20...Happy for about 30 seconds.

Everyone knows the grind, It's a long ass grind and your reward is something that you can't personally see.

As far as i can tell it only shows to others in the HQ and now the grind is over I can't see me hanging about in the HQ.

Doesn't show in lobby or after match on podium, I am yet to see my reward lol. I am going to ask a friend to screenshot me.

This is a double shaft as i also have got to wait until after the event to play the event map sandbox. I know this is sony and activision and not sledgehammer but it still hurts.

Anyway please let me see my reward for leaving my xbox on for weeks, thanks.

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congrats, bro! I made my celebratory post last week. It felt good to get maxed out, but like yours, it was short-lived, lol. You can't see it personally and others can't see it outside of the Head Quarters. What they should do, since they like to add little green stars to everything, is add a little yellow star to our names in lobby before and after rounds.

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