Someone please explain this...

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>Be me

>Pre-ordered wwii and payed an extra $10 for day 1 shipping.

>Install game on ps4 and tried to run game

>ps4 tells me I need to download an ENTIRE 9gb update estimated to take 28 hours just to access the game.


What kind of bullcrap is this? Literally 99.9% of other ps4 games can be played offline while an update is in progress but not this one. All I wanted to do was play the campaign, but no. I can't even access a primarily offline portion of the game without an update. I can't help but feeling a bit gyped for pre-ordering a game with day 1 shipping that I can't even play on day 1 to begin with.

Why is this a thing?

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Unironic green-text posting in a COD forum. Wew lad.

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Whoa.. Watch out 9gb... So like 10 minute download... Watch out 



20hours to download 9gb? Then you shouldn't be playing online at all... Like ever.. Nobody wants to play with your laggy connections 

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You shouldn't be talking at all if you don't know anything about the subject. Nobody wants to read your nonsensical comments.

Internet bandwidth has practically zero effect on lag, the real culprits are latency, jitter and packet loss. Having 10Mbps or 300Mbps connection makes no apparent difference if other factors are the same.
Also the Sony consoles have always had crappy networking which can't reach even the 100Mbps speeds.

TL;DR: Bandwidth ≠ lag.
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Your connection sucks, plan for that.
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