Source says WW2 Multi player mode is terrible

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Got a tidbit from a birdie thats saying the multi player is lacking and they are working on it  but the Source said its not looking good,  but commends the Campaign 

***** and this Guy is 100%!  if this multi player sucks they might as well just combine all 3 devs into one big TREYARCH.


or we buy a game once every 3 years. OMG SMH


another question why not combine them? seperate they have Treyarch-TOP TIER DEV

                                                                                                                  Sledgehammer-???? Got dead space and AW  both questionable

                                                                                                                   Inifinty Ward- terrible (but Ironically they were better than treyarch till they lost Vince zampella and jason west and the whole OG makers of COD) , 38 devs I think (now known as respawn)


why not have them work together? treyarchs managment alone would improve the other devs. 

I'm done and dont ask who told me. but it 100% true


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"Good mp" is in the eye of the beholder.  I didn't find IW mp to be very good.  We'll see when the beta happens for WWII.


I think the solution is to allow the devs to focus on the core game first instead of the micro-transactions.

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Instead of spreading rumors from a random unknown source why not just wait a few weeks until the Multiplayer reveal and then base your opinion off something tangible and real? Not much point talking about anything being good or bad until you have the very least seen it. There aren't even many details about Multiplayer yet. 

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Who needs the Multiplayer reveal when you can have an unnamed Birdie

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Yea yea... a birdie.. 

Silly.. they haven't released ANY info on multiplayer yet.  To make any sort of assumptions now would just be silly.

Also, not to be mean or anything, but if you refuse to name a source, I refuse to believe a single word.

My source says you have no source at all. See how it works?

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I mean how could MP be any different than any of the other games? TDM is always TDM. Just different weapons.
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The media is lying! Even if it's a video of me, it's lying. The media is out to get me and my chocolate cake.  But soon I'll be pleading the 5th. 

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Same attitude... different year.

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A birdie told me once I would become rich in a instance. Still waiting for that day

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