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We may be far past the Beta stages but there are A LOT of gameplay faults with this game. So much so I feel like I need to light a warning fire immediately before this game is too far gone to be fixed. Keep in mind I'm only going to be talking about the issues I've found since... well... yeah, I'd need to be there to know exactly how bad it is and if it really needed to be changed.


If you have feedback of your own then by all mean's post it. We need to draw attention to this if it's ever going to get fixed!


  • Silencers are kind of useless. Naturally since I'm an aggressive type of player I go for an aggressive playstyle. Airbourne Division fit's that perfectly but there's one thing I absolutely hate about it. The silencers. Sure they make sure your gunfire doesn't appear on the map but that's completely overshadowed when enemies can easily just find you by searching for their teammates deathmarker. It doesn't help SMG's are mainly Close-Quarters weapons meaning if enemies are nearby when they notice that marker, they'll know you'll still be somewhere nearby. Airbourne can run fast and far but not fast or far enough to escape an manhunt. There is a Basic Training called Undercover that does allow you to stop enemy deathmarkers from appearing but honestly I DO NOT think I should HAVE to equip that JUST to stay low profile. Silencers should just ensure that deathmarkers don't appear! You ever hear that saying "If a tree falls in the woods and no one's around to hear it, did it make a sound?" The logical answer would of course be yes but we're talking about game logic here so of course not, but naturally everyone's going to see the deathmarker and come running to the tree's help.
  • Incindiery Shells are OP... again. No. No. No no no. Dev's, no. You had it right in the Open Beta. The Incindiery shells should strangle the range of the shotgun! Meanwhile I got killed from halfway across the street by one! Come on Dev's! Pick a downside and stick to it!
  • Aim-Assist for snipers should be turned off. Okay, okay. I know I'm gonna get a lot of eye-rolling about this one, but seriously, hear me out. I actually spotted someone using a sniper that's SUPPOSEDLY only supposed to kill players if they land a shot from the torso above. Well this one got a shot on the leg and it was an instant kill. See the problem here? Now maybe the guy had low health and the shot just finished him off, who knows? I might be wrong there. But I know I'm right about the fact that they definitely NEED to remove aim-assist for snipers. I mean the whole point of snipers in this game is predictability and skill for satisfaction and results. What skill is there in relying on a game mechanic to help you take the shot. The worst part is THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM SINCE MW1! That game came out 10 years ago now and we still haven't fixed this! Now you can turn off Aim-Assist in the options menu but I highly doubt people who play this game are honorable enough to do that. I mean we've had 10 years to figure that out. Aim Assist should just be REMOVED from Snipers. Period.
  • Quartermaster Contracts. W-why? Why? Why? Why? Who thought this was a good idea? Who thought PAYING for challenges that MAY give you great rewards was a good idea when you can just pour that money into a Collection and earn those items properly? What is the point of this system? This can be easily fixed however, instead of just saying "Rare Supply Drop" how about you just give us a specific item. No chances, no gambling, no hard work for crap rewards. Allowing people to KNOW what they're doing the challenge for will not only make people more likely to actually do them but it will also make doing the challenges more worth the trouble. I mean if there was an Epic item, like maybe a Uniform like the The Old Guard or maybe an weapon like Candy for the Grease Gun was made available and I had to go through 30 Search And Destroy missions to get it, I'd consider that totally worth it!
  • Bronze Star doesn't work correctly. So Bronze Star is basically just a fancy way of saying Play Of The Game like from Overwatch. However it's totally broken here. I remember getting a Quadruple kill a few times in different matches then when the match was over it sometimes showed someone getting a double kill or something. Taking significantly less risk and doing something significantly less impressive. Granted this IS an better idea than a final kill cam but I don't think they've properly optimised it to better consider who exactly is the most impressive player. Now this isn't all bad considering while Bronze Star sounds important it doesn't really even reward you, even known it probably should.

So far that's a lot of the things I've come across. Now if your wondering why I didn't point out the periodic faulty server connection or the fact that Headquarters is empty, that's because the folks over at Activision are ALREADY well aware of that issue. They even had to remove the Headquarters server to stablize the other servers. I'm posting this talking about the things they will need to fix once they've managed to clean that mess up.


Again, if you are aware of any other faults in the game. I strongly encourage you to post about it below. If we don't bring these things to light then they may never get fixed.


Of course you could also post about how you totally disagree with everything I've said. That's cool too. Smiley Sad

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