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I suggest that you add the option to add a 2nd Basic Training. However, with the caviat tha you can only use one at a time by making it so that you can switch between both your equipted basic trainings for said loaout, back and forth, by pressing the left d-pad button, and only have one activated at any one time. If needed for balancing purposes, you can even add a cool down time to this switching ability. This is VERY much needed to add some more variety and freshness. 




COD Community, please comment if you support this change. Let's get noticed! 

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I guess I'm trying to figure out what switching between BTs does for the play capabilities.  Specialist already gives the potential of all the BTs , with the caveat you don't get killstreaks, otherwise it's be considered OP.  

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I have played around with specialist for a few days and actually it's nowhere near op unless you get 800 points in every time.


My normal SMG BT is hustle so I just put that in first slot since you can usually get 2 kills before reloading. And then whatever after. 


At the moment hustle, hunker and forage.


But really when you think about it, unless you're playing OBJ based games, you are basicly without BT for 2 kills.


I went 29-8 in TDM with Specialist the other day but had I had my normal streaks on I would probably be at 33-35 kills or so. Also went 33-20 with 10 caps in DOM and again here would probably had more with normal streaks.


ORD/Blitz is probably still the stronger BT or whatever offensive other BT, hustle or scoped unless you can go on a really long streak every time.


When I went through the list to fill the BT slots for specialist there is nothing that really stands out IMHO.

-Clandestine would be nice but since you have no BT at the start of your life you don't get the intel ping

-Hunker is very situational, usually when you get blown up with grenades it's just when you didn't have hunker. But might be usefull to keep you on a long streak

-Forage is usefull for streaks

-Flanker and Instincts could be usefull but here again situational. I don't find Instincts too usefull because by the time the screen lights up I'm already dead LOL.


Basicly to take advantage of dual BT's with specialist you need to have a 4KD average (when talking about TDM) But it costs you your streaks.

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I agree, but that's what I was saying when I said specialist with streaks would be OP.  I'm still trying to figure out what the original poster was trying to do.

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Same here. I think they are saying they want to run something like (just as an example here, no thought is going in to this from me in regards to divisions and their BTs) Hustle and Hunker at the same time in divisions that do not receive a division specific version of any of the BTs. So, maybe they want to run infantry div, with Lookout and Hustle? Who knows.


Personally, I am of the mindset that, if I am needing to ask the game to cater to me by giving me something that doesn't already exist, I should look at what it is I am doing wrong, versus asking the devs to make it a bit easier, and free of thought for me. Then again, we are all kind of different, I guess.

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