Supply drops not showing after receiving them.

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After a game it has told me multiple times that I have a supply drop I leave the game and no supply drop 



Please fix this

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Same thing. Every year there are these issues. Time to start a 4 year cycle because obviously 3 isn't sufficient. Also i get into a game play 1 round then communication is interrupted. I understand during the beta you don't have the number of people on the servers you do at launch but y'all gotta get it together. 

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same thing, i only get the ones that are handed out to 1/2 people at the end of a match, but the ones im earning through playing, when i 'unlock them' they never appear in my supply drop inventory
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Also happening for me - it's a basic error Activision so if you can't fix it then give your company lock stock and barrel to someone who can

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I've had the same thing happen to me numerous time. Since they charge money to buy them I think it is manditory that they give them to us all or reimburse us $20.00 each. That's about what 4 rare supply drops would cost us, so why do they not have to pay?

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So im at a total loss of 9 supply drops so pissed already and everytime i earn a package and dont get it now i feel a twich in my eye and start turning green i swear so i started looking online and now i know im not the only one i uninstalled the dam game thinking maybe my version is glitched or something but its not me it you so Shame on You CALL OF DUTY ....Call me when u have my supply drops 📦....

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i dont get supply drops anymore and i dont know why


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