The WORST CoD launch EVER.

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Seriously, I have played EVERY CoD game from the very beggining.

This total mess is by far the worst CoD at launch in its history.

The amount of bugs, errors, glitches, frozen screens, missing items, crashes is beyond a joke.

surely a company that has releases CoD games before should not be releasing a game in this pathetic state.

we all accept and acknowledge a newly released game will have problems, but not so many game breaking ones like this.

Sorry, but this release can be summed up as “ pathetic” . Activision and Sledgehammer should be ashamed at this abhorrent trashy mess.

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It would be nice for the makers of this shambles to at least acknowledge they have issues and give us some timeframe as to when it will be fixed.

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I agree and it's very surprising considering this isn't Sledgehammer or Activision's first rodeo.  I felt like the beta ran much better than this, granted it was missing much of the content (like Headquarters) that is currently buggy.

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