The new Guns and supply drops:

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The new Guns and supply drops:

I know I haven't posted here in about a week. Christmas time is the definately the busiest time of year for my work place. I will be more active in 2018.  In terms of the new weapons and winter supply drops, I thought I would at least put up a topic.  First, the whole winter supply drop situation is a little rough in terms of the amount of duplicates it's handing out. However. if you play 220 multiplayer matches you can get all the new weapons for free so I really cannot complain.  Overall, Sledge hammer is doing the DLC weapons right, if you want the cosmetics then they are availble if you wish to open your wallet.  


Let's take a breif look at the new weapons. The ice pick and trench knife are basically reskins of the shovel. I know some nimrod is going to upload a youtube video showing that one of them swings .05 seconds faster and I really don't care.  The bayonette on the infantry division has a longer reach and faster swing time than any of them. 


The Sten: 


The Sten is a fairly low recoil SMG with a fire rate in the low 600's.  It's a 4 to 6 shot kill and nothing overly special. If you like the type 100 or mp40 it will probably suit your tastes as it's on par with those weapons.   It's not particularly special in it's place in the game's meta, but it is an alternative if you are looking for something new. 




The GPMG is one of the more controversal weapons. It's a 4 shot kill at any range with a 769 fire rate and almost no recoil.  It also has high penetration and hipfire somewhere between the SMG and AR default. In short it's one of the strongest automatic weapons in the game. The trade off is the normal slow LMG handling and the paring of a 30 round magazine with a 5 second reload.   It's an intersting weapon, but managing the magazine is more of a headache than it's worth.


The Gewer 43: 


The new semiauto AR is not finding a huge fan base. You have a fire cap slightly over 500 RPM and recoil that is rougly on par with the carbine.  However, you only get a 10 round magazine and it's a 3 to 5 shot kill.  The weapon definately has potential with the right setup in skilled hands, but most players are not going to put in the effort to learn it. 


Overall, the new guns are a mixed bag and Sledge hammer is being respectful to the player base in how they are handing them out. I will be doing more detailed write ups on the Semiauto AR and the GPMG.  However, I want to get some more field time with both of them first. 



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Re: The new Guns and supply drops:

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I’ll have a video up of the sten Friday but here’s a best type100 class

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Re: The new Guns and supply drops:

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The lmg sucks

The rifle is terrible

And the smg is meh

Could of made them a little better considering you can easily obtain these weapons.

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Re: The new Guns and supply drops:

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Do you lose your DLC weapons like the Sten or the Gewehr 43 when you prestige your lvl?
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