The new (KTA) KILL THEM ALL is recruiting

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Hey everyone!

  If you are viewing this page, you have made it to the elite and exclusive KILL THEM ALL (KTA) clan for Call of Duty 2018!  

  KTA was started by myself, tcdanewbreed and ballmeetsglove in April of 2018 we are adding new members each day. I know some of you like rocking the lonewolf, but we started this to run good teams, good games, and have fun. We do not only KILL THEM ALL in Call of Duty, some of us have actually become friends with a brotherly bond! The purpose of this clan is to excel in the Call of Duty world, share messages, pics, videos, and (to be honest) ... get away from the stressful real world. 

  I know you all can agree that it is great to go 24 and 6 after you had a bad day at work, the spouse or people in general, lol. We want to come together, let off steam and have fun together. 

  We will be hosting challenges for our clan, tournaments and events in the upcoming future. Members, set your profile up and get involved. Show everyone some content and if you have any ideas for our page, message me with what is on your mind.

  Visit us

Newcomers ...  Join KTA and have some fun! 

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You guys strictly Core?

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