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Haha! See, you can be funny yet stay within the games era! I don't mind this approach. It's when it gets out of hand like AW etc that it just becomes rediculous. 

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Your ***** right i'm expecting to equip Lederhosen as my charecters unform! haha

I wonder if a german beer maiden equipped with a melee weapon of 8 tankards of beer would be histotically accurate Smiley Wink

I can't prove its not.  I haven't put any effort into doing so, but still . . .

the cake is a lie. the cake is a lie. the cake is a LIE.
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I can't and won't argue with that as it will happen for sure but, maybe, just maybe.........




~phewww, had to get that one out.

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So it's a forgone conclusion that there will be supply drops in CoDwwii...

I like many of you i'm guessing , are worried that the inclusion of supply drops will see the multiplayer side of the game awash with idiotic camos and gingerbread men . While these are "fun" I think the community wont stand for this sort of nonsense in a ww2 shooter, and i "think" atvi know this as well ....


So here's my theory, based off of nothing but my own coffee addled thoughts on how if it was me, I would incorporate a highly lucrative business model into a game where such a model would potentially cause a large community backlash.


So first off lets look at what sort of things are usually in our beloved supply drops,

well there's the usual calling cards and emblems , these are a given and can't see any reason why these won't be included and no one has an issue with them.

Then we have weapons, while this is a contentious issue that splits the community, i personally have no issue with guns in supply drops as long as they are only cosmetic differences between them and the vanilla guns. Melee weapons make no difference to anything so i'm sure like in bo3 there will be over time quite a few ww2 themed options to chose from...

Then we have the money maker- cosmetics and customization options , and this is where the main issue will be in codwwii as there really is a finite amount of variations to uniforms, gun camos ect before you start verging into the community sharpening their pitchforks as the options veer away from historical accurate / fitting in with the theme of the game.  

@I will state at this point gold and diamond/special camo for guns I have zero issue with these in mp simply as they are CoD "canon"  don't @ me.


So this begs the question how do you find a way to incorporate a players characters model to be able to run around in game wearing some sort of neon dress uniform, dabbing across the screen without ruining the mp GAMING experience?


you create a ...pauses for dramatic effect.... a social space!


Now I am not for one minute suggesting the inclusion of the social space which I refer to as "tower beach" was done for this reason but, it must've surely occurred to the bean counters this is a simply solution of how to bring in the things the last few cods have had. In a way that will drive more sales and more importantly not overly annoy the historical accuracy brigade. 


As soon as you include a social space, you create a need for social emotes between players, chances for players to "show off" their customization to a much wider group of their peers whilst in game and in doing so it creates more of a desire for a player to have these things. This will drive more sales and I will say now I reckon due to this social space digital revenue for this cod will exceed any previous one. 


Granted we don't know a well really anything about the social space yet, but my guess is it's a visual representation of the sort of stuff we would previously have done in an ingame menu. So while you will obviously still have menus for class creation ect my feeling is you can "walk" to the quartermasters tent and get kitted out.


going back to my comment about dress uniforms, I wouldn't be surprised if prestiging is now done as a public event and not something you do behind a screen only you can see... lets be honest here if this is the case who wouldn't want to know there character is walking to be "promoted" in front of  peers looking dapper in a dress uniform as they get propped by other players around the promotion area.


There are so many scenarios where this social space could create viable fun, acceptable mdlc options and yes that does include the dreaded dabbing emote , especially if you look at it as a means for players to let off a bit of steam after a match and or just chill messing around with friends.  ( dance off videos from destiny spring to mind here)







 Footnote : Erm Sledgehammer if I am in the right sort of area about prestiging... please include dress uniforms as i for one would happily dress up in game to prestige in front of my peers Smiley Wink 







The only thing I know for sure is it wil once again create an imbalance and overuse of certain weapons, one of both of those will be an issue with them.

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I do agree with this idea to an extent. The social space is great. 


However I'd like Camos to be keep muted - to put it in a better light e.g. I want Camos that would seem to not destroy the setting. So like having camofaluge on the weapon e.g leaves, twigs etc....fine. However don't have diamond or gold weapons its just horrible really. I'd also like to see the ability to mute customization e.g. if you don't want to see if then you don't have too. 


I also would like guns in supply drops to be cosmetic only. Not stat boosting etc like you've got in IW. 

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Personally I hate ATVI's business model. It's set for maximum profit with no longevity, which imo tends to make the game lack a lot of depth. When I heard about PTW supply drops I actually swore never to buy another CoD again. If they are going to have paid supply drops then they should be cosmetic only. 


I would set up a system like this:

  • Progression similar to black ops 1. All weapons, basic skins, attachments, perks, gadgets and killstreaks are unlocked through Ranking progression. 
  • Premium Skins can be unlocked via prestiging 
  • Premium Skins and Weapon unlocks can be done through supply drops
  • All content can be unlocked by Ranking and Prestiging
  • All content can be unlocked (randomly) through supply drops, thus giving that player a slight edge for buying a supply drop 
  • No weapons are supply drop only 
  • Some premium skins and cosmetics are supply drop only

How many games will ATVI release before they start focussing on game longevity? Will they stick to the P2P Matchmaking model? Will they ever add community servers again? The current model is setup so that the game dies out before their next annual release. Hell I even downloaded the original CoD4 the other day and there were crap loads of full servers. Based on not having a beta for PC and the overall sales dropping significantly I don't expect much. 


If they release the same ol' P2P matchmaking with silly camo's and pay to win guns then it will be a huge resounding no from me. 

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