These 2 things need to be fixed!

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Love the game and think it’s one of the best COD’s ever! But these 2 things need to be fixed.


S-Mines! They need to not work within 1 second of the player dying. To many times do I kill a guy then I keep moving or running only to get killed by his betty.


Also they need to limit them to one S-Mines with Expedionary and conncussed. They make it so you can only have one smoke grenade but count less Betty’s!


Also the other problem is the shotguns! They need to have a major range fix. To many times am I getting killed by way to far of a distance, when  I can hit someone within Melee range with an MP-40 close up and it still takes 4 shots.

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Mines stay in place till redrawn I think.  That's why if I have mines down I don't immediately try to respawn.

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@Orchamos Andron wrote:

Mines stay in place till redrawn I think.  That's why if I have mines down I don't immediately try to respawn.


I can't count how many Afterlife's I get by doing this.  I generally will wait several seconds before respawing especially when I have a betty out and I get killed and can see that player going toward it as I'm dying.  It's pretty sweet to get a kill from the grave! 


Mainly because I know I just royally cheezed somebody off! 


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Here is another funny one. I like it when London Marathon running headless chickens run and hipfire and keep going past me. Especially when I am led on my S-Mine. Or about to poop out a grenade on your rambo a**.


Counter the mines. CoD is about countering other players tactics. Too many times I am sat waiting and no one counters my tactics. You can't always set up a class and use it regardless (unless no one counters you) lol


If I remember rightly..There is about 6 classes to use and set up.


So! why not.


Have a camper busting class.

A run and gun class

A stealth Class

An Objective class

A fun class

A camper class.


Most scenarios can be covered.




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You can only have two betties down at a time not countless as you say. 

Betties also are not tacticals so comparing them to smoke grenades is silly they are more comparable to explosives don't you think?  (Which everyone can have two of) ie grenades,  stickys, c4, betties.


And you kind answered your own problem in your post... If you know they likely have a mine up wait 1 sec till after they are dead before running further.. simple 



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Depending on the map there could be 3-4 players on a team dropping s-mines.  Personally I drop mine in various running lanes...if it somewhere I know I run without looking...i know it's the same for others.  

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Since it appears the S-Mines have already been covered, I will just tell you that, from my experience, getting killed by a shotgun at "way to far of a distance" (or, for those using Imperial units of measurement, that is roughly equal to "from way over there") usually has less to do with the actual distance, and more to do with a networking snafu. 

I like to play Shipment early in the afternoon to bang out orders and contracts, and I very, very rarely have this happen. However, the closer it gets to 9:00PM, it becomes noticeably more frequent. The only way I have been able to check this for myself is by running a shotgun class, and seeing if I can hit people from the same distance. 


I usually can not. 

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