This Hawaiian b.s is cancer, I'm officially done with the game.

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They had to. They simply couldn't refrain.  Would it kill them to have kept it rustic, realistic, 1940s, boots on the ground, classic COD WW2.  They have to have the weapon charms and the dances and all the fortnite trash.  We get it,  we stomached it.  But now let's pull our willy out and take a piss on the war itself.  The game is WW2.   What front of WW2 took place on an island with palm trees with surf boarders named Brad yelling rad and totally wearing hawaiin polo shirts walking around doing jumping jacks with sandals on in the beach.   


This isn't call of duty any more.  I was just starting to get into the game, loving and enjoying getting new outfits that were at the very least time themed and at least something you could suppose someone might wear in the war.  



But now here's our little tropical vactation that is so epic.  Maybe we can Dab and drive ferrari's or do some epic kick flips on the half pipe in the next DLC.   Or swear at our mothers and drink mountain dew.  Urinate in empty pepsi bottles and play Tekashe 69 on our cell phones.  Why tf not. 



Even if it wasn't era specific, even if they had summer time or whatever, it could have been done with less copy and paste cheapness.  Why not let us ride the Indian motorcycle around the HQ, make the headquarter bigger with some sort of log cabin looking summer hut. That would be cool.  Soldiers did travel on motorcycle, they did stay stationed in make shift huts on beaches.  It's fun, goofy but still realistic.   Maybe some tank tops, some cargo shorts.  Whatever.  But the gaul to just make the game a goof.  Grown men play this game,  yet they cater to the little kids.   "Look Mommy I dabbed and I'm wearing Hawaiian clothes"  we get it.  Can we get back to the most horrifying war in human history part of the game please?



This is WW2.  Not Jake Paul simulator 2018.  I canceled my BO4 preorder.  First COD in 14 years I will not buy. God speed activision.  God speed. 

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While I respect and appreciate that POV completely... there has always been a sense of 'fun' and with all their games. The campaign stayed true to the seriousness of history. Where as WaW 9-10 years ago had a raygun easter egg in the campaign.


Multiplayer caters to a more social and lighthearted crowd. Each update or dlc has gone a little bit more away from realism and history of WWII.


I'm a WWII buff and would have liked them to stay as close to realism as possible. I can also appreciate the ridiculous stuff they added like the Undead and teeny weeny toy soldiers. I don't see it as disrespectful or anything along those lines. I see it as a video game in 2018 where getting a laugh is important too... no matter the age.



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pretty sure the Hawaiin BS was what was going on right before we entered WWII. 


Bunch of people enjoying the warm sun on beaches dressed in those colorful shirts and shorts while Japan decided to bomb Pearl Harbor.

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 So it wasn't zombies event durring the anniversary of D-day/J-jour or shields, or crap hit boxes and hit markers, lag compensation,crap networks and utter rubbish of a matchmaking system that made you say no more... it was a summer event? Ok.

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im pretty sure they planned to keep this game serious but since they know they are likely gonna be dead the second BO4 drops they probably said ***** it and thought to get silly, days of summer isn't just WW2 also...i saw IW is doing something...and COD4R is probably doing something too, just gonna be glad this stuff is gonna be over before christmas....we'd likely see a Santa suit if WW2 had a year 2

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