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The game it self is great. But the functionality of the game for multiplayer is crap. How do you release a game that does not work right. All the developers and testers should be fired. Had to wait two hours to get a patch to play online the day of the release, the half of the functions did not work once you got online, had to wait 20-40 minuets to fetch profile to play on line, once in a match no way to leave the match making lobby, game would freeze on the score page of the match then throw you right into another game, also it would only allow you two matches then kick you to the Xbox home screen. Then you had to go through the log on again. Then you keep getting error codes all different ones. When you checked the status of the game system in Activision they reported it was up and running the entire time what a bunch of bull that was. I’m so glad they got my money and I still can’t play a good game yet. There should be a lemon law for video games and complete refunds should be issued. If the game ain’t ready then it’s not ready all the company cared about is getting our money. I want to know what the company is going to do for all of us that preorder the game and could not even play it. I and anyone else that bought this game needs to plaster the web with bad reviews. The company is not going to do anything for us so we need to hit them where it counts their Stocks for the company......

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